All You Need To Know About Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience

What is NCE?

Microsoft is all set to launch the New Commerce Experience for 2022, transforming how businesses deal with customer purchases and license management with their Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program.

The goal for the New Commerce Experience is to simplify the complexity of business tasks by offering an economically-priced solution for retainer contracts. The NCE solution also provides features that enable the Cloud Service Provider Program to replace the long-term Enterprise Agreement (EA).

Microsoft recently announced the launch of the updated New Commerce Experience. However, the firm also promulgated a price increase, to be implemented from 1st March this year. The updated price will affect these licenses:

  • Microsoft Business Basic
  • Office 365 E1, E3, and E5
  • Microsoft 365 E3
  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium

The announcement also presented businesses with the opportunity to avail a 5% discount for investments in Microsoft 365 commitments. The concession is offered annually and is available until March this year. Essentially, businesses that avail of this offer can benefit from a five percent reduction and avoid the higher prices of the preceding licenses.

What is the Time Frame for Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience’s Launch?

Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience will launch this year. Let’s look at a few dates that you need to keep in mind.

10th January 2022

The New Commerce Experience (NCE) gets rolled out on 10th January. If you want a long-term solution, it is recommended to invest in the platform early so that you can take advantage of the discounts provided.

1st March 2022

From 1st March, Microsoft 365 licenses will come with an increase in rates. So if you want to buy a new subscription or renew an older plan through NCE, you will have to pay the new prices.

1st October 2022

Starting from 1st October this year, all businesses will be required to purchase through the New Commerce Experience platform.

What Are the Subscription Options for NCE?

The New Commerce Experience will equip businesses with numerous growth opportunities. Once the NCE platform is rolled out, Microsoft will also provide updated info on the latest package pricing and annual subscription plan.

Additionally, Microsoft plans to announce another 36-month subscription in March of 2022, enabling businesses to avoid price increases in the upcoming years. As of now, the firm has three subscription plans, which include a monthly subscription, a 12-month subscription, and a 36-month subscription.

Microsoft’s Monthly Subscription Plan

If you choose this plan, you will be able to access your Microsoft 365 licenses on a month-to-month basis through the New Commerce Experience. However, you can’t make a yearly commitment to this plan.

This plan is ideal for businesses looking for flexible solutions that allow them to change their Microsoft 365 or Office 365 licenses and seat count. Unfortunately, if you choose this subscription plan, you will have to abide by the 20% price increase in all licensing plans.

Microsoft’s 12-Month Subscription Plan

Microsoft also presents businesses with the opportunity to avail Microsoft licenses through the New Commerce Experience with a 12-month subscription plan. The plan also extends a degree of flexibility to the users, as businesses are provided with the option to make payments monthly or pay the total amount for the year.

Businesses that choose the 12-month subscription plan will not be required to pay any additional amount if the prices increase during the year. This can allow you to save money if you plan to use these solutions for the long run. In addition, if you choose to go for this package, you will have the flexibility to increase the seat count. However, the plan does not allow users to decrease the seat count.

Microsoft’s 36-Month Subscription Plan

If your business requires a long-term commitment to Microsoft’s licenses, choosing the 36-month plan would be the most ideal and cost-effective option.

 This will not only cut costs but will also save you the hassle of renewing your subscription. Moreover, this multi-year subscription pricing plan through the New Commerce Experience enables you to secure a three-year pricing plan.

Additionally, if you select this option, you can make a lump-sum payment for all 36 months or request a monthly or yearly plan. Like the 12-year subscription plan, you also get the option to increase the set count but not decrease it.

You can go through the features of all three plans to see which one is right for your business’s needs. However, it is essential to note that the New Commerce Experience subscription plans come with a 72-hours prorated refund policy. This means you will not get a refund if you fail to cancel the subscription with 72 hours.


Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience will enable businesses to develop a methodological plan for growth. With this platform, you can curate long-term, extensive, and sustainable revenue streams that can cut costs and simplify all operations that revolve around licensing.