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Join us for a virtual hands-on training on AZ-900, dedicated to helping our partners looking to acquire foundational knowledge on cloud fundamentals.

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Introduction to the Solutions partner program

Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) is evolving, and we’ve launched a digital badging program, Solutions partner, for all of our commercial partners.

This article (and the five articles below it in the table of contents) describes the requirements, benefits, and business rules for each of the Solutions partner designations.

For a detailed learning path about the new Solutions partner designations—including videos, a benefits guide, a timeline, and an FAQ

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Microsoft will hold the CSP partners responsible for any fraudulent purchases by the partners’ customers and/or customers' non-payment of purchased services

We strongly recommend that you put in place fraud prevention and detection risk mitigation controls, to avoid fraudulent activity or misuse, or address them, it is important to understand the potential risks and to put in place policies and practices that can minimize exposure.

Click below for Microsoft’s Recommended Six Best Security Practices which include all the above-mentioned and more.

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Get familiar with the ongoing changes in the cloud computing industry. Our blogs cover a wide range of topics that offer information to help optimise your business operations.

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Cloudmania offers frequent workshops to help you stay on top of the changing trends in IT environments. Our educational programs are designed with a structured format to help you effectively grip information. The workshops comprehensively discuss the experiences and knowledge of seasoned professionals, who talk about the cloud best practices and Microsoft Azure services for various industries.

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Our Webinars cover various topics relating to cloud computing services, infrastructure, core issues –such as security and privacy interoperability, and tools and technologies.

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Take advantage of our complete cloud and Microsoft Certified training programmes for you to build your competency. We have devised detailed courses for beginner and technical-level specialists that include comprehensive information on infrastructure, networking and security, application development, and more.