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Drive Your Business Forward With Cloudmania’s Cloud Solutions

Cloudmania equips your business with innovative cloud technology so that you can offer superior solutions to customers. We can help you boost performance, ensure affordability and scalability, improve uptime and availability, provide seamless integration, and offer convenient approaches for improved collaboration and real-time sharing.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 Enterprise extends an economical solution to help firms improve the security and efficiency of their operations. This solution facilitates a connection between teams by encouraging worker collaboration and engagement among remote and in-office employees in larger firms. Microsoft 365 Enterprise amalgamates cloud-based and local applications, including up-to-date Office apps, Office 365 ProPlus, and file storage, email, meetings, and remote work solutions.

OneVoice for Operator Connect

OneVoice for Operator Connect presents your organization with a unified solution to stay connected. Providing coverage in six countries- South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Rwanda, and Uganda, OneVoice for Operator Connect enables your team to make high-quality calls directly within Microsoft’s Teams Admin Portal. With our OneVoice for Operator Connect, your organisation can benefit from affordable, simplified, automated deployment services.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 includes numerous solutions to improve resource planning, customer relationship management, and workplace productivity and performance with intelligent business applications. With Microsoft Dynamic 365, your workplace can discover relevant leads, stay informed on market trends, provide personalised customer experiences, improve technician and HR efficiency, automate processes, anticipate threats, optimise operational costs, and join your in-store and digital commerce. Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a complete solution to businesses.

Microsoft's Business Applications

Get access to productivity applications to boost customer communication and collaboration.

Cloud Platforms

Microsoft Azure is a comprehensive cloud computing platform offering a broad range of enterprise-grade cloud-based services and applications. It allows you to store, manage, and run data and applications from any of Microsoft’s data centres worldwide, including two in South Africa.

Azure removes barriers to entry and enables your business to leverage the latest technologies while eliminating the steep and costly learning curve for complex technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence and containerisation. Cloudmania is a Gold Platform partner with Azure – we have the expertise to assess your current computing landscape and advise on the best way to align your workloads with Azure services. Leveraging the Azure Well-Architected Framework, we ensure that your solution, whether it be a first step into the cloud or a specific workload, meet the objectives of cost optimisation, security, performance, reliability, and operational excellence.

Cyber Security

Cyber threats and attacks are one of the biggest concerns for businesses. Provide your customers with ultimate enterprise cyber-security solutions that protect systems, networks, and official data. With Cloudmania’s suite of sophisticated tools and services, your customers will never have to worry about data theft, loss, or a potential attack. You are provided access to:

  • Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud
  • Microsoft Sentinel
  • Mimecast Email Security
  • Netskope Private Access
  • OpenSRS SSL Certificates

Cloud Infrastructure

Experience seamless migrations from on-premise structures to the cloud. Cloudmania presents high-availability solutions so that you can offer premium SLAs, disaster recovery solutions, and cloud backups. Additionally, your business can offer scalable cloud storage that’s accessible from any location.

Add dependability to your business model by cloud infrastructure implementation. You can provide cost-effective solutions to customers using an automated hybrid-cloud model.

Google Workspace

Google Workspace presents organisations with cloud computing, efficiency solutions, collaboration tools, and Google’s own software programs. The platform equips teams with a prime set of tools to create and share documents in real-time, thus improving remote work and collaboration. Google Workplace extends secure and easy logins, a meeting platform, fast user uploads, storage solutions on the centralised, cloud-hosted hub, and enterprise-wide cloud search tool.

Cloud Connectivity

Integrate cloud connectivity to provide a sustainable online connection that helps people overcome infrastructure, social, and financial challenges.

We have partnered up with quality service providers to extend access to global cloud services.

With Cloudmania, you can benefit from stable, robust, and high-availability connections. Additionally, our services are engineered to meet the needs of pan-African networks.

Windows Virtual Desktop

Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure provides secure virtual workstations eliminating the need for costly personal devices.

This allows you to enable a remote workforce securely & efficiently without the need to purchase and deploy expensive hardware to each user.

The high speed, large capacity compute required to run many of today’s applications is done in Azure rather than the device.

Basekit Site Builder

Basekit site builder enables businesses to create a website, eCommerce stores, and blogs, using a diverse range of flexible templates.

With mobile-friendly features, the platform allows users to build- and add content to the website from a phone, tablet, or desktop. Basekit site builder can be used for fully responsive website creation, eCommerce store creation, blog creation, and custom website development.

Azure in a Box

Let Cloudmania take the complexity out of the moving to Azure. Through our professional and managed services, we offer a range of end-to-end managed solutions.

Dependable Solutions, Superior Support

Join forces with Cloudmania and propel your services in the right direction. We extend a rich profusion of business applications, cloud solutions, and security features, so your customers can benefit from the best of the best.

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