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Training and enablement with experts
Take your business to the next level with Microsoft certifications
Improve your sales with advanced technical resources
Strengthen your business with robust cloud solutions

Accelerate your cloud offering with our Partner Programme that’s designed to scale your business

Cloudmania equips your business with innovative cloud technology so you can offer superior solutions to customers.

Access Our Marketplace

Explore our diverse range of global vendors and pick the best solutions for your business.

Dedicated Partner Development Managers and Partner Technical Specialists

Enjoy a hands-off approach with our experienced account managers at your disposal.

In-Country Monthly Billing

Avoid the hassle of international billing procedures. We offer in-country monthly billing for small businesses in Africa.

Training and Certifications Roadmap

Display mastery in technical skills. Acquire certifications and become an expert in Cloud products and services.

Quality Support from our
Cloud Experts

Communicate with industry experts to identify vulnerabilities, eliminate weaknesses, and originate lasting solutions for your business.

Exclusive Reseller Discounts

Please take advantage of our exclusive reseller discounts. Strengthen your teams’ skillset at economical rates.

Migrate to Azure

Future-proof your business and stay secure by moving to Azure with Cloudmania

Be one of 20 of our partners to benefit from a Microsoft Azure 1:1 consultation valued at $1000

Cloudmania partnership programme provides your business with the three fundamental ingredients for success. We guarantee:

Improved Sales

Accelerate your sales with our technical solutions.

Comprehensive Knowledge

Take assistance from industry experts to streamline your operations.

Step-By-Step Training

Upgrade your skills with a structured training course.

You & Cloudmania
Stronger Together

Fast track your customers’ cloud journey with our convenient portal

Get convenient and optimised solutions like never before. By partnering with us, your business can easily procure, manage, and track costs for your customers in a secure manner.

You can up-sell, cross-sell, and bundle cloud services with an easy-to-manage SaaS platform via our white-label portal service.

Cloudmania also equips your business with a multi-cloud offering to help you expand your customer base and grow revenue with the existing clientele.

Cloudmania is different

CloudMania is an exclusive provider of Cloud Partner Programme in Africa, extending convenience, diversity, and range in the services we offer. Our all-inclusive solutions streamline operations for businesses situated in Angola, Botswana, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, DR Congo, Kenya, Mauritius, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe

Exclusive Microsoft partner in Africa for cloud connectivity

Cloudmania brings Microsoft Cloud Connectivity to businesses in Africa. We provide partners with access to vast Microsoft resources and solutions to grow, expand, and scale your business. Our partner program enables you to carry out sustainable practices by enabling a methodological digital transformation. You can streamline operations, reduce costs, and foster better customer relations.

Cloud Connect & Azure ExpressRoute Experts

Cloudmania connects you to local Cloud Connect and Azure ExpressRoute Experts, who can help you out at every step of the process. Our experts understand the individual problems experienced by African businesses and ultimately provide a suitable solution to offer a fast and reliable connection to Azure.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions with Azure Arc

We provide Hybrid solutions with Azure Arc to decipher complex and distributed environments across hybrid work models. With this service, your business can deploy Azure services anywhere and use any infrastructure, including AWS and Google Cloud.

OneVoice for Operator Connect

Cloudmania assists businesses to expand their Microsoft Teams capabilities by enabling voice calling directly from Teams. Cloudmania’s cloud-based phone systems will bridge the gap in hybrid and remote-working situations.

OneVoice for Operator Connect is the simplest way to enable calling by quickly enabling user numbers and calling plans directly within Microsoft’s Teams Admin Portal.

Microsoft Office 365 Direct Connect Solutions

Our Microsoft Office 365 Direct Connect Solutions can expedite business operations by fostering a convenient solution for peer-to-peer file sharing directly from your Microsoft Office 365 hub. Your teams can easily and securely share documents with the customer, clients, and one another.

Exceptional Reseller Discounts & Tailored Vendor Launch Packs

Cloudmania’s partner program presents exclusive reseller discounts that provide cost-effective solutions to scale and expand your business. We also customize vendor launch packs that are tailored to meet the requirements of your business.

Microsoft Partner of the Year - Cloudmania
Microsoft Partner of the Year - Cloudmania