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Microsoft Copilot is a revolutionary AI companion that seamlessly integrates with your workflow, elevating productivity and creativity to new heights

Welcome to the future of workplace efficiency with Microsoft Copilot! Imagine an AI-powered assistant that not only understands your business needs but also works alongside you to enhance productivity, foster innovation, and streamline your daily tasks.

With Copilot, you’re not just adopting cutting-edge technology; you’re inviting a friendly and intelligent companion into your team that’s dedicated to uplifting your business operations. Let’s embark on this exciting journey together and unlock the full potential of your enterprise with Copilot by your side!

What is Microsoft Copilot?

Microsoft Copilot is like a digital sidekick for your business, designed to make your work life easier and more efficient. It’s an AI-powered tool that integrates with your existing Microsoft applications, providing real-time assistance, insights, and suggestions.

Whether you’re drafting emails, creating documents, or analysing data, Copilot is there to help you do it faster and smarter, freeing you up to focus on the bigger picture. It’s the perfect addition to any team looking to boost productivity and harness the power of AI in their daily operations.

How does Copilot for Microsoft 365 work?

Copilot for Microsoft 365 uses Large Language Models, The Microsoft Graph (which is your data), your Microsoft 365 Applications and the Internet to assist your teams in accessing necessary business data faster; allowing them to unlock productivity and unleash creativity across the organisation.

With Copilot for Microsoft 365:

  • Word, you can improve your grammar, style, tone, and clarity, as well as generate summaries, headlines, and paragraphs for your documents.
  • Outlook, you can write clear and effective emails, as well as schedule meetings, follow up on tasks, and manage your inbox.
  • Teams, you can communicate with your colleagues and clients, as well as create and share notes, presentations, and reports.
  • PowerPoint, you can design engaging and professional slides, as well as generate captions, transitions, and animations.
  • Whiteboard, you can brainstorm and collaborate with your team, as well as draw, write, and erase on a virtual canvas.
  • Excel, you can analyze and visualize your data, as well as create formulas, charts, and tables.


This is a version of Copilot that integrates with Microsoft 365 applications and services. Copilot for M365 can help users write code for Excel, Power BI, SharePoint, Teams, Outlook and more. Copilot for M365 can also leverage the data and insights from Microsoft Graph to provide context-aware and intelligent code suggestions. Copilot for M365 is available in different SKUs, such as Business Basic, Business Standard, Business Premium, E3 and E5, depending on the level of functionality and security required.

Copilot for Service is a cutting-edge AI-driven platform designed to enhance customer service experiences. It integrates seamlessly with existing customer service systems to provide real-time assistance and guidance to service agents. By leveraging natural language processing and machine learning, it suggests responses, automates repetitive tasks, and offers insights to resolve customer queries more efficiently. Users can utilize Copilot for Service by incorporating it into their customer support workflow, where it can assist in drafting replies, finding information, and suggesting solutions, ultimately leading to improved customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Copilot for Security is a generative AI-powered solution that enhances cybersecurity operations by providing tailored insights and guidance to security professionals. It helps in detecting threats, processing security signals at machine speed, and conducting risk assessments swiftly. The platform offers features like incident summarization, impact analysis, reverse engineering of scripts, and guided response for incident management. Security teams can use Copilot for Security by integrating it with their existing security infrastructure, where it can assist in interpreting complex data, suggesting actions, and streamlining security workflows, thereby improving the overall security posture and response times.

Copilot Studio is an innovative platform from Microsoft that allows users to create and customize AI-driven copilots for a variety of applications. It provides a graphical development environment where users can build copilots using generative AI, sophisticated dialog creation, plugin capabilities, process automation, and built-in analytics. These copilots can be deployed across websites and other channels to serve both employees and customers. Users can leverage Copilot Studio to design tailored conversations for specific scenarios, automate complex business tasks, and integrate over 1,000 prebuilt connectors as plugins.

Copilot for Sales is an AI assistant that revolutionises the sales process by integrating with CRM platforms and Microsoft 365 productivity tools. It maximises productivity by streamlining processes and creating personalised sales content. Sales professionals can use Copilot for Sales to generate insights, automate email summarisation, and receive recommendations for next steps, all within their familiar workflow. It’s designed to work with popular systems like Salesforce Sales Cloud and Dynamics 365 Sales, and can be configured to connect with other sales solutions. 

Assists in tasks such as creating product listings for online commerce with compelling descriptions, and streamlining accounting processes by reconciling bank statements. Users can integrate Copilot with their Business Central environment to automate data entry, generate marketing text, and extend its capabilities with custom add-on apps. It’s particularly beneficial for bringing new products to market faster and reducing tedious tasks, allowing businesses to focus on growth and innovation.

An AI-powered assistant that transforms the customer support experience by providing real-time guidance and automation of tasks for service agents. It enables agents to respond to inquiries, draft emails and chat responses, and summarize cases and conversations within the Customer Service workspace app. Users can activate Copilot features to assist in handling cases more efficiently, resolving issues faster, and delivering superior customer value. It’s integrated into the Dynamics 365 Customer Service platform, making it accessible for agents to leverage AI assistance in their daily workflow to improve service quality and productivity.

Copilot for Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is an AI-powered assistant that simplifies marketing campaign creation and management within the Dynamics 365 Customer Insights platform. Whether you’re designing segments, crafting emails, or building customer journeys, Copilot streamlines the process by allowing you to use everyday language. With Copilot, marketers can curate highly personalized and targeted customer segments, enhancing their ability to connect with customers effectively at every touchpoint.

Copilot for Power Platform is an AI companion that revolutionizes app creation within Power Apps. Whether you’re a seasoned app maker or a novice, Copilot guides you through the entire process—from designing data tables to creating app screens and publishing the final product. Leveraging generative AI and best practices, Copilot generates suggestions based on your data and preferences.

Copilot for Viva enhances employee engagement and productivity within the Microsoft Viva suite. It leverages next-generation AI, combining large language models (LLMs) with data from the Microsoft Graph and Viva apps. It suggests draft OKRs based on existing documents, summarises OKR status, provides real-time insights and recommendations aligned with your business context and offers tailored assistance, making Viva Engage more valuable for both individuals and organisations.

Specifically designed for Windows 11, Copilot provides real-time answers, inspiration, and solutions. You can find Copilot in Windows on the taskbar or press the Windows logo key + C for quick access. It assists with tasks like adjusting PC settings, organising windows using Snap Assist, and summarising web pages. Additionally, Copilot generates relevant answers, lets you ask follow-up questions, and even creates images from your ideas.

Why should a user adopt Microsoft Copilot?

  • Comb across all your work data to solve the most complex problems at work.
  • Summarize what you’ve missed in a Teams meeting. Quickly find out what decisions were made, and what are some suggested next steps.
  • Intelligent Recap in Teams Meetings.
  • Summarize an email thread and suggest action items, replies, and follow-up.
  • Ask questions about your data to instantly uncover key insights.
  • Ask open-ended questions related to an individual file or get a summary of the content, without ever opening a file across OneDrive and SharePoint.

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