Grow Your Business with the New Commerce Experience

Businesses need new solutions and practices that optimise operations and processes to survive in this fast-paced world. Furthermore, with the advancement in digital technology, they must think about new investments that yield a high value for their organisation, its processes, and its customers. Organisations can benefit from stellar gross margins by investing in the right tools and platforms, facilitating their growth and revenue streams.

One effective tool that provides firms with streamlined solutions and growth opportunities in the New Commerce Experience is the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program. By subscribing to one of the three plans offered through Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience, your business can bring in more customers by providing an optimal selling experience. In addition, the platform can also enable you to increase your savings and revenue streams by leveraging new abilities and tools extended by Microsoft.

What is the New Commerce Experience?

The New Commerce Experience provides Microsoft partners with several prospects for increasing their revenue. The platforms enable partners to present value by offering managed services, extending complete projects, delivering custom software programs, and providing SaaS applications. That said, New Commerce Experience does not impact how your clients use its platforms or run their resources. Instead, the New Commerce Experience only influences your billing and the transactions you make.

The primary objective of the New Commerce Experience is to optimise the approaches in which Microsoft offers the use-based service without affecting the other license-based products.

The new plan in the Cloud Solution Provider program enables partners and customers to take advantage of an optimised experience. With the new features added, businesses can streamline their processes and transitions, thus helping them retain relationships with customers.

How Does the New Commerce Experience Influence Your Billings?

Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience will enable businesses to take advantage of different subscription plans to meet their individual needs. NCE provides companies with 3 contract periods: the monthly subscription, the 12- month subscription, and a 36- month subscription plan.

By introducing the long-term subscription plans, Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience can allow its users to pay a standard rate for all its tools and services, even in the case of a price increase. Moreover, businesses also get the option to make monthly, yearly, or lump-sum payments (in the case of a 36-month plan).

However, it is essential to note that the New Commerce Experience does come with a 72-hour pro-rated refund policy. This means that if businesses fail to cancel the subscription within 72 hours, they will still be charged. 

What Does the New Commerce Experience Offer?

The New Commerce Experience provides Microsoft partners with several opportunities. Let’s explore what the platform offers.

Provision of a Single Purchase Agreement

With NCE, partners can take advantage of a single Microsoft Customer Agreement, which they can accept on their customer’s behalf. One of the most significant advantages is that the agreement does not expire. Moreover, you can also make any additional purchases added to the same purchase plan.

A Cohesive Platform

Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience equips businesses with a complete and unified solution that meets all their needs for growth. The platform combined the applications extended by Microsoft and other third-party services into a cohesive, integrated platform.

In doing so, NCE becomes a one-stop-shop for businesses that require cloud services, Azure subscriptions, and other partner services. The latter also includes specialised software development platforms and other such facilities.

Cost-Effective Management Tools

Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience also presents an Azure Cost Management tool. The programs enable businesses to provide detailed information and control about the different components of their Azure environments to CSPs and MSPs, along with their clients. The management tools extended by the New Commerce Experience enables the following:

Monitoring of Client’s Cloud Spending

Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience empowers partners to leverage tools to keep an eye on the costs and resource usage for all of their client’s assets. The coverage includes the different resources, projects, and business units.

The platforms allow partners to conduct a thorough examination in one of two ways. You can either carry out all-inclusive monitoring of your client’s assets or observe different assets with a granular day-to-day view.

In addition to this, you also get the opportunity to record usage rates to make sure they align with the budget set for that particular project. The Cost Management tool allows you to identify any incongruence in the usage so you can spot the errors and resolve them promptly.

Compliance Support and Accountability

Partners can also ensure that their projects comply with the regulations and governance policies with the Cost Management tool. In addition, the tool allows businesses to set up alerts and notifications to inform them of any incongruences.

For example, suppose a client uses the resource excessively, or the rate limit is reached. In that case, the tool will notify you to take the appropriate measures.

Businesses can also allocate custom tags to various resources with the Cost Management tool. In doing so, you can streamline your reporting experience and make it simpler for you in the long run. Additionally, you can set benchmarks and assign usage costs by the project type of the business unit. When the usage meets the benchmarked amount, you and the client are notified immediately to stop making further purchases.

Improved Efficiency

The Cost Management tool comes with a resource utilisation tool, which places businesses at an advantage. This makes it possible to keep an eye on virtual machines (VM) and offer automated recommendations for VM right-sizing. The tool also displayed the amount of money the business can save, making it convenient for the decision-making process.

The right-sizing calculations play an integral role in memory, compute, and graphic optimisation. The tool can also be used to identify unused resources. The resource utilisation tool can find these resources, such as free memory or available disks, and automate their modification and use. 

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