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Accelerate your ISV business with Cloudmania’s Partner Programme

Our partnership programme is designed to help you drive more sales and profitability. We’ll enable you to grow your cloud practice and deliver next-generation cloud solutions to your customers.

Benefits of joining ISV Partner Programme

Ease your Azure platform and business administration

Get access to exclusive benefits, skills, services and solutions

Increase your sales and market reach with a marketplace

Improve your business value and profitability

Why to partner up with Cloudmania?

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Annual revenue growth from cloud service​
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Annual growth in profitability​
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Faster time to market for new products and services​
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Gain in app development productivity ​

Our ISV partnership programme is designed to garner successful outcomes for African businesses. We will help you increase your business value and profitability and accelerate cloud adoptions.

You’ll be able to grow your practice, build your own in-house expertise, and provide next-generation solutions in Africa by using the tools and support we provide through the programme.

  • Market Expansion & Reach
  • Regional Customization & Adoption
  • Trust & Compliance Assurance
  • Robust Cybersecurity
  • Expert Support & Market Leadership
  • Seamless Migration & Added Benefits
  • Simplified Go-To-Market Journey
  • Continuous Innovation & Market Opportunities

Register to our upcoming webinar on 27th September at 11 am in which we will introduce our ISV programme in more detail.

Simplified Go-To-Market journey via fast growing marketplace

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10,000+ channel customers in 23+ African countries

Stop missing market opportunities

Get access to exclusive benefits, skills, services and solutions

Expert support and training

Discounted rates and incentives on Cloud platforms

Cloud applications and cyber security solutions you can sell to your customers with your added value

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